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Terawatt au Boston Green Tourism

Boston Green Tourism (BGT)


Notrterawatt, optimiseur energie electrique, economie energie, e distributeur aux Etats Unis, Edmundo Duarte a été invité à faire une présentation des systèmes d’optimisation d’énergie Terawatt à Boston.


Cette conférence se déroulera le 15 janvier 2015 à Boston dans l’état du Massachusetts. C’est suite aux très bons résultats obtenus avec l’optimisation du Grand Hyatt Hotel Atlanta qu’Edmundo duarte a été sollicité pour cette présentation.


Boston Green Tourism

Boston Green Tourism is a membership organization for Boston area hotels, an organizer of green hospitality workshops across the US, a consultant to hotels and companies that serve hotels, and a support to the Boston Green Ribbon Commission.

Boston Green Tourism (BGT) is a membership organization for Boston area hotels.

​We help hotels:

. reduce energy, water and waste – and the associated operating costs
. improve indoor air quality
. choose greener transportation alternatives
. stay current with greener food options
​. attract meeting, corporate, and leisure visitors based on their environmental


Analyse et Bilan

de l’optimisation au Grand Hyatt Hôtel

Quality and Reliability, Efficient Electricity Usage

Grand Hyatt Atlanta, Georgia, is an award winning hotel, rated with four diamonds by AAA Rating, offering 439 Sleeping Rooms and more than 30,000 Sq Ft. of Meeting Room Space. This distinctive hotel is set within the upscale uptown neighborhood of Buckhead, Atlanta’s most prestigious and fashionable area, combines classic elegance and unsurpassed service to offer discerning guests Atlanta’s legendary Southern hospitality. Spacious, renovated guestrooms include irresistible Hyatt Grand BedsTM, state-of-the-art Internet access, and sleek flat screen HDTVs with Roomlinx interactive iTV. Looking for ways to cut operating expenses, The Grand Hyatt at Buckhead turned to iDSM technology to reduce their electricity bill by optimizing the power demand and rationalize the increasing costs in electricity. The customized energy efficiency project reduced the Hotel’s total electrical bill by an average of 9.5%. In addition to lowering their power bill, Grand Hyatt can now real-time monitor their electricity usage and load profile, identifying unnecessary electrical loads, enhancing their dynamic approach to energy conservation policies and actively reducing the carbon footprint.

Energy Savings

The new generation and state-of-theart intelligent Demand Side Management or iDSM  technology provides a fully automated 24-hour intelligent demand response (iDR) optimization based on a customized, proprietary load DR algorithm.

Terawatt’s Synapse expertise leverages its proprietary and innovative programming by realtime monitoring and optimizing the activity of a private electrical network. It is designed to effectively adjust and lower the level and pattern of electricity usage, reducing waste and identifying inefficient utilization of resources by interfacing with selective electrical equipment, finetuning their performance to the operation real needs, always meeting their design intent. The new customized load profile shapes the power demand integration based on an adapted coefficient of simultaneity, thus lowering both power peak (kW) and electrical consumption (kWh), generating cost effective results by lowering the utility bill and regulating the load shape of the electrical operation.

Key Benefits

An energy profile coherent with the operation, electricity costs attuned with the Hotel requirements, customized year round permanent iDSM optimization, remote access by TCP/IP protocol, real-time energy and carbon emissions tracking, detailed reporting of measured verified results and reliable energy conservation coverage.


The project energy savings 2,262,934 kWH results in an equivalent of reducing 1,629 tons of carbon dioxide – CO2 or can be viewed as the equivalent of planting 362 acres of trees, removing over 299 cars from our roadways or reducing the use of 184,474 gallons of gasoline.


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